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Got News?

The Gazette staff welcomes your story ideas as well as faculty, staff and campus news. We request that you fill out the form on this page and hit the Submit button when it’s complete. If more information is required, a member of the Gazette staff will be back in touch with you.

Please provide us with complete information about your news item. (If you have a lengthy news release, you may e-mail it to: Use as your subject line: Got News? Be sure to make a note here that you will be sending a release separately.)

If you are submitting an obituary for online, please include ONLY the following information:

Name of deceased, age, date and city of death, UNC job and years worked here, retirement year, link to full-length obituary.

The editor reserves the right to decide what information will be published in the Gazette and to edit submissions for consistency with Gazette style, tone and content.