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Focus Carolina

Every day, faculty members at UNC-Chapel Hill engage in groundbreaking research, innovative teaching and public service that makes an impact in our community and the state, nation and the world.

Tune in to Focus Carolina during morning, noon and evening drive times and on the weekends to hear their stories and find out what ignites their passion for their work. Focus Carolina is an exclusive program on WCHL, sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can listen to WCHL at 97.9 FM or 1360 AM.

Current Focus Carolina episodes


Dr. Cristy Page is a nationally recognized physician leader, innovator and educator in family medicine. She is instrumental in developing initiatives to enhance access to medical care in rural and underserved North Carolina counties, and in developing innovative training programs for the next generation of family medicine physicians. Dr. Page is also the founder and CEO of Mission3, an educational non-profit organization that improves resident education and faculty development through technology-based approaches.





Focus Carolina Archive

Allison Aiello studies how diseases like the flu are spread and what social factors might determine who gets a disease, how often it might recur and how it is spread.

Frank R. Baumgartner is known for his work on racial dynamics in the criminal justice system, among other topics.

Anita Brown-Graham, director of ncIMPACT, focuses on creating opportunities and removing barriers to work-based economic opportunities, particularly for residents in distressed communities.

Amy Gladfelter is interested in how cells are organized in time and space, studying how cytoplasm is spatially patterned and how cells sense their own shape.

Melina Kibbe is a renowned researcher of novel therapies for patients with vascular disease and is a passionate advocate for gender equality in biomedical research.

Dr. Lewis Lampiris is the director of the UNC School of Dentistry’s Dentistry in Service to the Community program, which sends rising fourth-year dental students to underserved areas to provide dental care.

Ed Maydew is the director of the UNC Tax Center, which brings together tax scholars, policymakers and practitioners.

Richard E. Myers II served as both a defense attorney and later a federal prosecutor before returning to his alma mater to join the UNC School of Law faculty in 2004.

Mitch Prinstein uses a developmental psychopathology framework to understand how adolescents’ interpersonal experiences, particularly among peers, are associated with depression, self-injury, and health risk behaviors.

Kelly Ryoo is focused on creating ways to design and use technology to help English learners with science.

Brian Sturm is a professional storyteller who has dedicated his career to exploring the experience of immersion and the various influences that help us become completely engrossed in whatever we are doing, whether that is reading, listening to a story or playing video games.

Will Vizuete’s research focuses on atmospheric chemistry and the formation of air pollution.

Sheryl Zimmerman co-directs the research program on aging, disability, and long-term care in the UNC Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research.