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Focus Carolina

Focus Carolina: Jonas Monast

Jonas Monast directs the Center on Climate, Energy, Environment and Economics (CE3) at Carolina’s School of Law. His work focuses on the interaction of federal and state energy policies, aligning energy and environmental policy goals, and regulatory options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Melissa Lippold

Melissa Lippold is an associate professor in Carolina’s School of Social Work and a faculty member in the Center for Developmental Science. Her research focuses on parent-youth relationships and the role they plan in preventing risky behavior in adolescents and promoting adolescent physical health. She is interested in the design of family-based interventions to improve […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Kelly Giovanello

Kelly Giovanello is a professor in the department of psychology and neuroscience, where she studies human memory and changes in the brain caused by disease. Her goal is to predict patients at risk for Alzheimer’s and diagnose the disease sooner. She has supported a grassroots effort from students to create a new neuroscience major that […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Alice Ammerman

As the director of the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Dr. Alice Ammerman is interested in design and testing of innovative ways to provide community-based nutrition and physical activity intervention approaches to prevent the risk of chronic diseases in primarily low income and minority populations. Her team has created Good Bowls, nutritious […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Amelia Gibson

Dr. Amelia Gibson is an assistant professor in the School of Information and Library Science. Her work looks at how members of marginalized communities access health information. She is currently focused on identifying the ways that people with Autism and their families seek and exchange information in their local communities and how public libraries can support […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Jeff Welty

aa Jeff Welty is an expert in criminal law and procedure in the School of Government. He founded and contributes regularly to the North Carolina Criminal Law Blog, an award-winning resource visited by approximately 100,000 users each month. He also serves as the director of the North Carolina Judicial College, which provides training and education to the state’s […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Carissa Hessick

Carissa Byrne Hessick is the Anne Shea Ransdell and William Garland “Buck” Ransdell Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law. She is also the director of the Prosecutors and Politics Project at Carolina’s School of Law. The project was started to bring scholarly attention to the accountability of elected prosecutors, to understand the relationship between prosecutors and […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Rocio Quinonez

A pediatric dentist, Dr. Rocio Quinonez is widely known for her work in children’s oral health, including her signature collaborations: the Baby Oral Health Program (bOHP); its sister initiative, Prenatal Oral Health Program (pOHP); and Into the Mouths of Babes. She is also the School of Dentistry’s first associate dean for educational leadership and innovation. […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Dr. Cedric Bright

Dr. Cedric Bright runs the Medical Education Development program, a joint effort between Carolina’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. This summer professional education curriculum helps disadvantaged students successfully compete for admission to health professional schools. Through this program, Carolina ranks sixth in the number of African-Americans to graduate from medical school. Many of those graduates […] ... Read More

Focus Carolina: Shawn Hingtgen

Shawn Hingtgen is a scientist specializing in cell and gene therapy. Working with a cross-disciplinary team, his research harnesses the potential of stem cells to develop new and better methods for treating terminal cancer. In 2015, Hingtgen founded Falcon Therapeutics to commercialize discoveries generated in his lab and accelerate towards clinical trials. About Focus Carolina Every […] ... Read More