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Preparing students to imagine, innovate and invent

Susan King

The state of North Carolina’s commitment to great journalism is at the root of more than a century of journalism education at Carolina. In 2015, the school changed its name to the School of Media and Journalism to show its commitment to preparing for a new media landscape while holding true to the values and principles that have always been a bedrock of the business.

Today, more than 10,000 of the school’s alumni are active in every aspect of media and journalism. They hold high positions with newspapers, international news agencies, magazines, internet companies, broadcasting companies and advertising agencies; in public relations, business journalism, photo and video journalism and graphic design; and in research, government, education and industry.

Dean Susan King shares her vision for the School of Media and Journalism.

What is the mission of the School of Media and Journalism?

We serve an industry facing existential challenges from seismic shifts in technology, business models and public perceptions. We have to anticipate ongoing changes and see around corners. Students, faculty, staff and alumni recognize the challenge, embrace the opportunity in change and hold steadfast to the foundational values and ethics that have established and rooted the media as the trusted fourth estate in our nation’s democracy.

What is the vision for the School of Media and Journalism?

We always move with the times, but we keep our values clear. We’re preparing students to really defend, protect and explore democracies so that our audiences — our communities, our
nation and the world — are able to make decisions because they are informed.

What is your goal for faculty?

We attract, support and empower faculty members who are leading experts in their fields with a deep commitment to student success. A distinguishing characteristic of our faculty is the mix and balance of creatives, professionals and scholars. This is a rare quality among our peers and competitors. It gives our students an invaluable perspective on the interplay of research, new knowledge and the realities of business and industry.

What is your goal for students?

Carolina attracts the very best and brightest minds from communities in every county of our state, every state of our nation and more than 40 nations of the world. It is our job to help prepare these rising stars to ignite the public conversation and to understand the role of communication in fostering democracy. We instill the values, develop the skills and foster the outlook needed to lead industry through change and disruption so that citizens have the information they need to make accurately informed decisions.