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A ‘gaze toward tomorrow’



UNC School of Dentisty Dean Scott De Rossi










The School of Dentistry is not only shaping the future of dental education and dental research, but also the oral health of indi- viduals and communities at home and around the world. In this Q&A, Dean Scott De Rossi shares his vision for the school.


How has the School of Dentistry changed since its founding in 1950?

The School of Dentistry has changed in so many ways, from originally one Quonset house to four buildings that are nearly a half a million in square footage, numerous programs that are world-renowned, students, faculty, staff and alumni that have made an incredible difference in the lives of patients, not only in North Carolina, but across the globe. 

What is the vision that you and your team have for the School of Dentistry?

Our vision is to become the global model for oral health education, care and discovery by ensuring that we’re recruiting and retaining the very best people in a collaborative environment, that we are revolutionizing our curriculum and our operations, and that we are embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.

What is the School of Dentistry’s mission?

The mission of our School of Dentistry is to transform dentistry for better health. It is a global mission focused not only on the oral cavity but on improving the lives and health of North Carolinians, people in the region and individuals across the globe. Ultimately our vision is to become the global model for oral health education and care and discovery.

What is your hope for your faculty?

My hope for our faculty is that they will be able to educate top-notch students and do so in an environment that embraces fun, embraces learning and embraces the great privilege that it is to be an educator.

What is your vision for students?

My vision for our students is that they will graduate from UNC Dentistry as nimble oral health care professionals capable of critical thinking and clinical reasoning, able to adapt to emerging technologies, new health care delivery models and changing demographics of disease.

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