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Play 'Playmakers Madness'


Frederick Koch (left) and Paul Green (right) (Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Collection at UNC Libraries.)

The Southern Historical Collection (SHC) has just released its 2014 bracket, “Playmakers Madness.”

In celebration of the current North Carolina Collection Gallery exhibit, “Making a People’s Theater: Proff Koch and the Carolina Playmakers,” the SHC’s 2014 bracket features favorite photographs from over fifty years of Carolina Playmakers productions.

From production shots to publicity stills to behind the scenes moments, the bracket’s images from the North Carolina Collection capture the amazing range of performances the Playmakers put on between 1918 and 1976. The SHC has chosen notable acting moments, costumes and props, and is passing them on to the Carolina community to choose the winner.

Every two days the SHC will release a poll with paired photographs. Act fast: voting for Playmakers Madness 2014: Round 1 ends today.

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