Director needed for new public service center

Carolina employees are welcome to apply for a position on campus as director of a new University public service initiative designed to enhance Carolina's outreach efforts.

Operating out of the provost's office, the Carolina Center for Public Service:

* Guides, coordinates and supports outreach efforts under one umbrella;

* Connects the University's resources to North Carolina citizens;

* Gives Carolina administrators better tools to promote and share the University's public service story; and

* Offers incentives for involvement in public service.

"We have a lot of really exciting things going on right now and we need a director's leadership to get the ball rolling," said Donna Warner, the center's interim director. "What we're looking for is someone who is creative, has leadership skills and a vision and the capability of making their dreams a reality."

Along with knowing how public service works around the state, Warner said the new director should be familiar with the University.

"It's real key that this person has an understanding of how the University interacts with the community now and who can help us strengthen those ties," Warner said. "We also want someone who understands the dynamics of University administration and the interaction between faculty, students and staff."

The position is available immediately, and once a new director signs on the center will move into permanent quarters at NationsBank plaza on Franklin Street.

Established in July 1998 with a gift from an anonymous donor, the center already has worked to enhance Carolina's outreach efforts. Last fall it awarded 20 grants worth $5,000 each to faculty, staff and student organizations to fund projects such as helping families making end-of-life decisions and Hispanic women with limited English skills.

These and other center-supported projects carry on Carolina's public service tradition, said Mike Smith, director of the Institute of Government and a member of the center's transition team.

"What I love about the public service center is that it takes us back to our roots and at the same time it will make Carolina the recognized leader in providing university-based service," he said.

For more information about the director's position,

call Smith (6-4107) or Warner (2-1575) or see

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