Honor Roll

"Two hundred ninety SPA and EPA nonfaculty employees representing 6,870 years of service to the University and the state will be honored April 25 at the 21st annual Service Appreciation Banquet.

Employees with 20 years of state service will be inducted into the Carolina 20-Year Society.

Employees who celebrate 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service during the 1997-98 year also will be recognized.

The employees being honored are:

45 Years of Service

William J. Hubbard, Physical Plant

40 Years of Service

Bobby G. Spaugh, Chemistry

35 Years of Service

Angell G. Beza, Institute for Research in Social Science

Robert B. Garmon, School of Dentistry

Elizabeth M. Griffin, Kenan-Flagler Business School

James L. Hodgin, Administrative Information Services

Claire Miller, Philosophy

Alvis Page, Anesthesiology

Moyer G. Smith, Athletics

Carolyn B. Sturgess, Accounting Services

Carole P. Terrell, Institute for Research in Social Science

Mildred W. Weaver, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

30 Years of Service

Charles H. Adams, N.C. School Athletic Association

Bertina Horton Baldwin, City & Regional Planning

Delores H. Bayless, Human Resources

Joseph H. Boley, Academic Technology & Networks

Annie Carolyn Capers, Housekeeping

Shirley E. Caraway, School of Dentistry

Richard D. Cates, Materials Management & Distribution

Sue A. Cates, Administrative Information Services

Forrest M. Council, Highway Safety Research

Carolyn B. Cox, Physics & Astronomy

Robert W. Culp, Administrative Information Services

Edna E. Titus, Neuroscience Center

Richard K. Ellington, Administrative Information Services

Rebecca A. Evans, Medicine

Jane Farmer, Neurology

Ronald Farrow, Psychiatry

Charles G. Foskey, UNC Physicians & Associates

Nancy R. Frazier, Academic Affairs Library

Patricia H. Greene, Psychiatry

Bill Guthridge, Athletics

John R. Horne, Physical Plant

Carol A. Johnson, Pediatrics

Judith G. Kovenock, Carolina Population Center

Ruby B. Massey, Institute for Research in Social Science

Mary E. McCauley, Surgery

Geraldine H. Meacham, Physical Plant

Cheryl J. Mitchell, Summer School Administration

Doris J. Murrell, Psychiatry

Helga E. Pinkerton, School of Dentistry

Linda W. Prather, Physical Education, Exercise & Sport Science

Berry Roberson Jr., Academic Technology & Networks

Margaret K. Swaim, Academic Affairs Library

Caroline H. Trippe, Art

Beverly H. Williams, Student Health Service

Jane R. Womble, Athletics

25 Years of Service

Gloria A. Abernathy, School of Medicine Administration

Dorothy S. Allison, Classics

Larry P. Alford, Academic Affairs Library

Arthur L. Alston, Physical Plant

Muriel J. Alston, Surgery

Judy C. Beaver, Division of External Affairs & Community Health Services

Peggy O. Berryhill, Graduate School

Barbara K. Beverley, Scholarships & Student Aid

June G. Blackwelder, Division of Continuing Education

W. Scott Blackwood, Contracts & Grants

Donna H. Braxton, Physics & Astronomy

Stephanie V. Brewington, School of Pharmacy

Patricia H. Brockman, Academic Technology & Networks

Devon O. Brouse, Athletics

Johnny A. Bryant, Surgery

Anita W. Buie, School of Education

Cliff Burgess, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Charles T. Caldwell, Public Safety

Edward E. Canoy, Communication Studies

Margaret B. Carter, Medical Illustrations

Sue S. Castle, School of Social Work

Sharon K. Cheek, Contracts & Grants

Donna P. Cornick, Academic Affairs Library

Sharon M. Cotten, UNC Physicians & Associates

Janice R. Cottle, Administrative Information Services

Patricia A. Covington-Gladney, Admissions

H. Michael Crane, Institute for Research in Social Science

Sandra K. Crawford, School of Medicine Administration

Carolyn H. Davis, Microbiology & Immunology

Katherine G. Dean, Family Medicine

Kathy B. Dutton, Human Resources

Elton T. Elliott, Printing Services

Linda F. Farrow, Division of Continuing Education

Diane D. Fisher, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ellyn G. Fourqurean, School of Dentistry

Anita S. Galliher, Office of University Advancement

Thomas J. George, Accounting Services

Thomas H. Griffin Jr., Physical Plant

Glynn D. Hackney, Housekeeping

John R. Hagaman Jr., Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Kay H. Hains, Center for the Study of Development & Learning

David L. Harris, Chemistry

Diane M. Harris, Biochemistry

Fontaine H. Hester, Kenan-Flagler Business School

Jeffrey T. Hicks, Academic Affairs Library

Terri D. Horton, School of Dentistry

Willliam W. Hunter, Highway Safety Research

John Hurst, Materials Management & Distribution

Stephen A. Jarrell, Administrative Information Services

Sharon H. Jones, Journalism & Mass Communication

Wayne R. Jones, University Treasurer

Brenda W. Kirby, Chancellor's Office

William C. Lam Jr., Athletics

C. L. Lassiter, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

James E. Lee, School of Dentistry

Lawrence A. Lee, Physical Plant

Billie C. Lindley, Academic Technology & Networks

Linda Lloyd, Academic Affairs Library

Ellen Moore Ludington, General Clinical Research Center

Lauren M. Marchetti, Highway Safety Research

David Matney, Division of Teaching Laboratories

Jean Christian May, Athletics

Frances H. McIver, Administrative Information Services

Carol B. Metz, Physiology

Helen R. Miller, Academic Affairs Library

John F. Miller, Pharmacology

Rosemary S. Munsat, Office of Faculty Governance

Ann K. Oliver, Surgery

Rick Palmer, Center for Teaching & Learning

Jackie C. Parker, Orthopaedics

Teresa B. Parks, Highway Safety Research

Carol F. Pekar, Academic Affairs Library

Eric P. Plow, School of Dentistry

Rosalie I. Radcliffe, History

Hank Rives, Physical Plant

Kathryn R. Roberts, Student Health Service

Maxine R. Rothrock, Psychiatry

Nancy D. Royster, Academic Affairs Library

Ernest Schoenfeld, School of Public Health

Susie H. Schwentker, School of Dentistry

Michael N. Sears, Biology

Deborah A. Simmons-Cahan, American Studies Curriculum

Bruce M. Smith, Division of Teaching Laboratories

Judith D. Smith, Surgery

Maria Kerr Smith, Athletics

Jeanie F. Stroud, School of Pharmacy

Betsy B. Sturdivant, School of Dentistry

Reba P. Sullivan, Medicine

Donna T. Suttles, Highway Safety Research

Ronald H. Taylor, Administrative Information Services

Lynn R. Thomas, Surgery

Eliza L. Torain, Housekeeping

Jane E. Tornow, Materials Support

Rutledge Tufts, Auxiliary Services

Sue D. Tyler, Dermatology

Wilma D. Wade, Contracts & Grants

Martha L. Wells, N.C. Small Business & Technology Development Center

Helen A. Wicker, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Alice S. Wilkman, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Kay C. Wijnberg, School of Law

Jean J. Williams, Medicine

Pauline B. Wilson, Housekeeping

Ray Womble, School of Dentistry

Calvin L. Wong, School of Dentistry

J. B. Wray Jr., UNC Physicians & Associates

20 Years Service of Service

Cynthia C. Adams, Academic Affairs Library

Cathy T. Ashworth, Religious Studies

Marie L. Barrett, Printing Services

Michael L. Benson, Area Health Education Centers Program

Eleanor J. Bentz, Family Medicine

Margaret G. Boadu, Student Health Service

Steven P. Bobbitt, Materials Support

Walter C. Boger, Chemistry

Paul M. Braly, Medical Illustrations

Linda K. Brett, Academic Affairs Library

Linda S. Brezin, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Sandra C. Brooks, UNC Physicians & Associates

Morris L. Brown, Physical Plant

Donald E. Bynum, Student Stores

Rodney Carter, Public Safety

Karen J. Colton, Surgery

Frank R. Comfort, Athletics

Leslie S. Cornell, Social Medicine

Barness Millington Cotton, Physical Plant

David N. Cox, Administrative Information Services

Dorothy J. Crowder, UNC Physicians & Associates

Frances L. Dancy, Carolina Population Center

Steven R. De Blanc, School of Dentistry

June T. Dennis, School of Medicine Administration

Lela M. Dickey, School of Dentistry

Nancy D. Dieffenbach, Psychiatry

Patricia Buck Dominguez, Academic Affairs Library

Hilda O. Durham, Accounting Services

Manley A. Durham, Physical Plant

Ruth C. Dy, Comprehensive Cancer Center

Roberta A. Engleman, Academic Affairs Library

William P. Fearrington Jr., Horace Williams Airport

Nancy A. Ferguson, Student Health Service

Ann P. Fogleman, School of Medicine

R. Neil Fulghum, Academic Affairs Library

Ruth S. Fuller, Psychiatry

Nancy L. Gant, Academic Affairs Library

Laura E. Gattis, Housekeeping

Janet E. Gautier, Division of Continuing Education

Randall G. Goodman, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Sharon L. Graham, Academic Technology & Networks

Dorothy A. Grant, Law Library

Patricia W. Greenwell, Biology

Wayne Groce, Public Safety

Helen B. Gumm, Contracts & Grants

Edna E. Hackney, Housekeeping

William L. Hall, Highway Safety Research

Sherry D. Handfinger, Physiology

Karen K. Henry, Psychology

Melba W. Hill, Public Safety

Teresa M. Holt, Student Health Service

William D. House, Physical Plant

Vicki M. Hunt, UNC Physicians & Associates

Beverly P. Huntington, Laboratory Animal Medicine

Marie H. Hyde, Medicine

Melvin R. Jackson, Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Joyce H. Jefferies, Medicine

Jacqueline T. Jones, Social Medicine

Paul Jones, Journalism & Mass Communication

Laura J. Jordan, Family Medicine

Anahid M. Kavookjian, Physiology

Marcus C. King, N.C. Small Business & Technology Development Center

Nancy B. Klatt, College of Arts & Sciences Office

Marilyn G. Knowles, Epidemiology

Vivian C. Kronbergs, Biostatistics

Linda N. Lane, Human Resources

Otis F. Lashley, Physical Plant

Michele D. Lassiter, Accounting Services

Teresa W. Laws, School of Medicine Administration

Joseph B. Lee, School of Dentistry

Clairbeth G. Lehn, Student Health Service

Lydia G. Lewis, School of Medicine Administration

Fay R. Lindsay, School of Dentistry

Carol B. Lloyd, Student Health Services

Charlie Love, Electronic Office Service Center

Mamie S. Mack, Printing Services

Shelby H. Mann, School of Law

Brenda M. Mauer, School of Social Work

Susan May, Medicine

Theresa D. McFarling, Student Stores

Gwendolyn G. McIntyre, Medical Illustrations

Neal G. Mochel, Health & Safety Office

Charlotte W. Moore, School of Pharmacy

Juanita G. Moore, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sally S. Muller, Academic Technology & Networks

Joseph R. Nichols, Medicine

Warren A. Nord, Philosophy

Evie S. Odom, School of Nursing

Lee Packer, Physical Plant

Willene B. Page, Surgery

Betty "BP" Pearson, School of Dentistry

Jennifer L. Pennix, General Clinical Research Center

Nickey D. Pennix, Physical Plant

Sarah C. Perkins, Administrative Information Services

Kathy L. Pettiford, Surgery

Calvin N. Phillips, Student Stores

Edward B. Phillips, Physical Plant

Daryll Powell, Principals' Executive Program

Rita K. Proctor, Student Health Service

Gayle H. Rice, Biochemistry

William G. Richardson, Psychiatry

Robert P. Riggs Jr., Physical Plant

Robin S. Roberson, Surgery

Marie W. Roberts, School of Dentistry

Pamelia M. Roberts, Biostatistics

Patricia A. Rupkalvis, School of Medicine Administration

Lacy G. Sanders, Physical Plant

William R. Sanders, Materials Support

Dianne T. Santa, Medicine

Peter J. Schledorn, Research Services

Betsy W. Shambley, Psychiatry

Carolyn C. Shannonhouse, N.C. School Athletic Association

Judy F. Sharpe, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Donna C. Simmons, Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Luan L. Smyth, Office of the University Treasurer

Thomas Earl Snipes, Physical Plant

Carolyn A. Spinks, Student Stores

Stephanie C. Stadler, School of Medicine Administration

Davis F. Stillson, Division of Teaching Laboratories

Lynn P. Tapp, Surgery

Anna M. Terry, School of Nursing

Cynthia P. Thompson, School of Dentistry

William L. Vanderburg, Area Health Education Centers Program

Pamela W. Wade, Psychiatry

Peggy S. Watson, Surgery

Gwendolyn A. Webb, Physical Education, Exercise & Sport Science

Dail C. White, School of Medicine Administration

Jackaleana Williams, Ophthalmology

Joni W. Williams, Psychiatry

Susan B. Williams, School of Dentistry

Carole N. Williamson, UNC Physicians & Associates

Deborah W. Windham, Neurology

Celeste Winston, Physics & Astronomy

Christian A. Wolf, Academic Affairs Library

Clayton E. Womble, Physical Plant

Candace P. Woody, Asset Management

James E. Workman Jr., Administrative Information Services

David L. Yarborough, Housekeeping

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