Professors participate in a.p.p.l.e.s. program

Six faculty members incorporated service learning in their classes this semester through the a.p.p.l.e.s. (assisting people in planning learning experiences in service) program. The faculty members, the courses and the students' projects were as follows:

*Pamela Conover (political science), Political Community--helped 6th-graders at McDougle Middle School focus on academic tasks.

*Roberta Ann Dunbar (African studies), Culture, Gender and Participatory Development--worked in a variety of local and rural settings to address health strategies, family issues and refugee resettlement.

*Peter Filene (history), United States Since 1932--worked with local organizations, including the InterFaith Council, Rape Crisis Center and Pine Knolls Family Resource Center.

*Rachel Willis (economics), Economics of Higher Education--activities ranged from tracking Upward Bound graduates to mentoring middle school students to tutoring in a community-based educational center.

*Janis Kupersmidt (psychology), Stress and Coping in Childhood and Adolescence--worked with a variety of children, including those in homeless shelters or correctional facilities and teenage mothers.

*Chris Mullen (English), Composition and Rhetoric--worked with autistic children and those with developmental disabilities as well as adults with mental health problems or alcohol rehabilitation.

Faculty members interested in the a.p.p.l.e.s. program should contact Mary Morrison, 2-0902.

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