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September 24, 2003

State of University Address to be delivered on Oct. 1

Chancellor James Moeser will give his third annual State of the University Address for the campus community on Oct. 1 at 3 p.m. in the Hill Hall Auditorium. Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. ...

Workplace group studies six areas

The panel looking for ways to make Carolina a better place to work is taking on the issue from six directions.

The Chancellor's Task Force for a Better Workplace has broken down into sub-committees examining rewards, awards and recognition; advancement opportunities; work-life support; work environment; learning; and benefits. ...

Hitting pay dirt: Joe Ferrell earns a Massey

Joseph S. Ferrell never forgot the first time he laid eyes on Carolina. The year was 1948, the occasion a football game that his parents took him to along with his sister. And he was all of 10 years old. ...

University Teaching Awards

University Campaign Honor Roll

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SILS dean to step down and remain on faculty as new distinguished professor
2003 Carolina Summer Reading Program leaders

SILS dean to step down and remain on faculty as new distinguished professor

SILS dean to step down and remain on faculty as new distinguished professor

Joanne Gard Marshall, who joined Carolina's School of Information and Library Science (SILS) in January 1999 as dean and professor, will step down from the dean's post effective June 30, 2004. She will continue to serve as a member of the school's faculty.

"While I have greatly enjoyed my experience as dean, I am grateful for an opportunity to make a stronger research, teaching and service contribution to the school," Marshall said. "I intend to pursue my research in health information, professional competencies and workforce issues, all of which are of critical importance to the future of the profession."

In recognition of her contribution to Carolina and the field of information and library science, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Robert Shelton has announced the awarding of an alumni distinguished professorship to Marshall, who holds a doctorate degree in public health sciences from the University of Toronto. Marshall has received more than 20 research and professional service awards.

"Under Dr. Marshall's leadership, the School of Information and Library Science initiated important new educational programs that serve the state and gained a four-fold increase in research funding," Shelton said. "Her contributions have helped the school achieve prominence nationally and internationally. Though her focus will shift, her dedication to the school remains unswerving."

In addition to a new undergraduate degree in information science, during Marshall's leadership SILS initiated dual master's programs with the schools of business, public health, nursing, government and art history. New international programs were launched to engage scholars in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Singapore and Slovenia.

Research funding increased four-fold between 1999 and 2003, and the doctorate program more than doubled in enrollment to 49 students. The school also achieved a more diverse student population, increasing minority enrollment from 6.7 percent to 11.2 percent.

"As a leader in the field, the school has experienced a period of transition, growth and new partnerships both on campus and with peer schools nationally and internationally," Marshall said. "It will be a pleasure to continue my service and close association with this dedicated community of faculty and staff, as well as top-notch students and alumni."

Marshall also will assume in May 2004 an elected position as president of the Medical Library Association, a major health sciences information organization with more than 1,100 institutional and 3,600 individual members worldwide.

Shelton will form a search committee and expects to have a new dean in place by July 1, 2004. In its 72-year history, the school has been led by 11 deans, including founding dean Louis Round Wilson and current faculty members Evelyn Daniel and Barbara Moran.

2003 Carolina Summer Reading Program leaders

A very special thank you goes to the individuals, listed below, who served as discussion leaders for the 2003 Carolina Summer Reading Program on Aug. 25. During the two hours set aside for these discussions, 172 sessions were held throughout the campus to assist new undergraduates in their transition to the intellectual life of the campus. One hundred seventy-six faculty, teaching assistants and staff representing 65 departments and 10 professional schools led the discussion sessions. An additional 16 faculty/staff volunteers remained on the waitlist. Assisting these discussion leaders were 84 upper-class student volunteers who served as co-leaders.
Discussion leaders

Kimberly Abels, Writing Center

Billy Acree, Romance Languages

Steve Allred, Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Pete Andrews, Public Policy

Christopher Armitage, English

Rebecca Ashburn, Scholarships and Student Aid

Richard Baddour, Athletics

Donna Bailey, Center for Teaching and Learning

Cynthia Baker, Davis Library

Leslie Balkany, Ackland Art Museum

Michael Baltzley, Biology

Matt Banks, Employee Forum

Jessica Beard, UNC General Alumni Association

Ann-Marie Berti, Law

Deborah Bialeschki, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Lucia Binotti, First Year Seminars and Academic Experiences

Stanley Black, Economics

Lynn Blanchard, Center for Public Service

Karen Blansfield, Dramatic Art

Eva Boyce, Academic Affairs Library

Chimi Boyd, Campus Y

Beth Braxton, Journalism & Mass Communication

Dean Bresciani, Student Affairs

Jane Brown, Journalism and Mass Communication

W. Ross Bryan, Housing and Residential Education

Mary Bryson, Information and Library Science

Tim Burnett, BOT

Leigh Callahan Thurston Arthritis Research Center

Rachel Canada, Academic Affairs Library

Robert Cantwell, American Studies

Virginia Carson, Campus Y

William Chamberlain, Law

Stephanie Chang, LGBT Dean of Students

Mimi Chapman, Social Work

Cory Chen, Psychology

Peter Coclanis, History

Kimberly Coffey, Psychology

Rosalind Coleman, Nutrition

James Coley II, Office of Faculty Governance

Patrick Conway, Economics

Sue Coppola, Division of Occupational Science

Caroline Craig, Presbyterian Student Center

Douglas Crawford-Brown, Environmental Science and Engineering

Tricia Daisley, Office of Development

Manhal Dandashi, Romance Languages

Evelyn Daniel, Information and Library Science

Darrah Degnan, Retired Research Associate

Gena Diamant, English

Roberta Dunbar, African & African-American Studies

Dennis Erny, Granville Towers

Andrea Felder, Admissions

Beverly Foster, Nursing

Elizabeth French, Health Behavior and Health Education

Chris Galloway, Psychology

Leslie Gentry, Social Work

Karen Gil, Undergraduate Education

David Gilbert ,Dean of Students

Wendell Gilland, Kenan-Flagler Business School

Jacquelyn Gist, University Career Services

Daniel Gitterman, Public Policy

Darryl Gless, College of Arts and Sciences

Sarah Goetz, Biology

Evelyn Gordon, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Amy Gorely, Center for Public Service

Kathleen Gray, Environmental Resource Program

Bernadette Gray-Little, Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs

Jason Griffey, Information and Library Science

Ferrel Guillory, Journalism and Mass Communication

John Heath, Education

Karla Henderson, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Mary Beth Hernandez, Social Work

John Heuer, Facilities Services

Paula Hinton, Davis Library

Katya Hosking, Philosophy

Melissa Hotchkiss, Granville Towers

Tomee Howard, Academic Technology and Networks

Michele Hoyman, Political Science

Laura Janda, Slavic Languages

Michelle Johnson, Counseling and Psychological Services

Audreye Johnson, Social Work

David Jones, Housing and Residential Education

Gregory Kable, Dramatic Art

Nancy Kaiser, Academic Affairs Library

Arne Kalleberg, Sociology

Zahra Kamarei, Brauer Library

Jane Kaufman, Nursing

Leslie Kirk, Housing and Residential Education

Jean Kitchin, BOT

Sharon Kowalsky, History

Michelle Krebs, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Charles Kurzman, Sociology

Paul Lai, English

Richard Landesberg, Journalism and Mass Communication

Dee Dee Laurilliard, Student Health Service

Tom Lehman, Environmental Science and Engineering

Stephen Levine, International Studies

Ray Linville, UNC General Alumni Association

Joe Lowman, Psychology

Phillip Lyons, Carolina Population Center

Howard Machtinger, Education

Elmira Mangum, Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs

Melinda Manning, Dean of Students

Elizabeth Markovits, Political Science

Or Mars, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Rabbi Sharon Mars, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Abby McConnell, Arts and Sciences Foundation

John McGowan, English

Tim McMillan, African/Afro-American Studies

Laurie McNeil, Physics and Astronomy

Laura Merrill, Writing Center

Laurie Mesibov, Government

Jonathan Micancin, Biology

Eric Mlyn, The Robertson Scholars Program

James Moeser, Chancellor

Susan Moeser, Music

Suchi Mohanty, House Undergraduate Library

Jill Moore, Government

Judith Moses, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Jocelyn Neal, Music

Quincy Newell, Religious Studies

Jon Oberlander, Social Medicine

Penelope Padgett, Biology

Tony Patterson, Scholarships and Student Aid

Lisa Paulin, Journalism and Mass Communication

Deborah Pedersen, Principal's Executive Program

Robert Podolsky, Biology

Robert Porter, African/Afro-American Studies

John Quintero, Journalism and Mass Communication

Linda Rainey, UNC General Alumni Association

Seth Reice, Biology

Sharon Riley, Communications Studies

Joseph Ripp, Information and Library Science

Jonathan Risner, Comparative Literature

Chris Roush, Journalism and Mass Communication

Deborah Saine, News Services

Antoinette Satterfield, Davis Library

Barry Saunders, Medicine and Family Medicine

Patricia Sawin, Anthropology

John Saxon, Government

Nancy Schoonmaker, History

Amanda Senft, Biology

Stephen Shafroth, Physics and Astronomy

Ellen Shanahan, Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Steve Shaw, UNC General Alumni Association

Robert Shelton, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Sarah Shields, History

Carisa Showden, Political Science

Elaine Sieff, UNC Health Care

David Siegel, Kenan-Flagler Business School

Bland Simpson, Creative Writing

Bron Skinner, Family Medicine

Peter Smith, Classics

Jack Snoeyink, Computer Sciences

Steve Squires, Health Sciences Library

Margot Stein, Dentistry

John Stephens, Government

Chuck Stone, Journalism and Mass Communication

Ronald Strauss, Social Medicine

Kimberly Strom-Gottfried, Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Fred Stutzman, Information Technology Service

Karen Taylor, FPG Child Development Institute

Gail Tudor, Biostatistics

David Vandermast, Biology

James Veitch, Education

Lindsey Waite, Undergraduate Admissions

Cheryl Walker, UNC-CH Year at Sevilla

James Ward, North Carolina Botanical Garden

Wanda Weaver, Frank Porter Graham Child Development

Judith Wegner, Law

Shira Weinstein, North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Sarah Weiss, Music

Maureen Windle, Counseling and Psychological Services

Jennifer Womack, Allied Health Sciences

Marilyn Yarbrough, Law

Diane Yorke, Nursing

Student co-leaders

Ben Adams

Amber Alford

Tiffanie Beal

Sasha Bollag

Audrey Bowerman

Eric Bradford

Lisa Brajer

Becca Bregel

Heather Burcurel

Rebekah Burford

Scott Burr

Allison Carr

Jordan Caswell

Matt Compton

Leigh Conaway

Ryan Cosper

Rachel Dickens

Krissy Dossary

Stephanie Douglas

Derwin Dubose

Katie Farias

Samira Fazel

Frances Ferris

Meredith Flowe

Hilary Greene

Ariel Gruber

Patricia Hannon

Katherine Harris

Marc Hennes

Jason Herfort

Shawnda Herring

Robert Hill

Brandon Hodges

Billy Hoffman

Molly Jarman

Jessica Jacobs

Bahar "Joy" Kasaaian

Elizabeth Kistin

Alexa Kleysteuber

Janaka Lagoo

Chris Lamb

Jessica Lang

Joon-Suk Lee

Zoey LeTendre

Cheryl Lynch

Kathleen Maloney

Stacy McCorkle

Jennifer McLendon

Stephanie Megan

Stephen Muira

Lexi Nunn

Jim O'Rourke

Ese Oghenejobo

Jennifer Orr

Kelly Overton

Allison Papovich

Jenny Peddycord

Clayton Perry

Cassidy Pratt

Sonye Randolph

Nicholas Reid

Mary Beth Ritchey

Megan Ryan

Jeff Silver

Ramon Serrano

Kristen Smith

Polly Ann Speas

Elena Strauss

Matt Tepper

Amir Thomas

Laura Thomas

Beth Thompson

Zack Underwood

Jason Warner

Paige O. Werhan

Bobby Whisenant, Jr.

Chastity Wilson

Theresa Yelich

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Gazette front page more stories news briefs faculty/staff news photos complete contents
Gazette front page more stories news briefs faculty/staff news photos complete contents