Calendar for April 13 - 26

Library Schedules




H.E.E.L.S. for Health



Varsity Sports


William S. Newman Artists Series

4/14 Violin & Piano Recital. Cecylia Arzewski, violin; William Ransom, piano. Call 2-1039. Hill. 8 pm. $

North Indian Classical Music

4/15 On sarod & violin. Ackland. 3 pm. $

Susan Steinfirst Memorial Lecture

4/18 "From Paper Airplanes to Outer Space: Science Books Are The Real Thing." Seymour Simon, children's science writer. Call 3-8337, Faculty Lounge, Morehead Bldg. 4 pm. (esp. for children). Also 8 pm.

Carolina Union Performing Arts Series

Call 2-1449. Memorial. 8 pm. $

4/15 Eugenia Zukerman & the International Sejong Soloists.

4/26 Bobby McFerrin.

Films on East Europe after Communism

Call 2-0901, 039 Graham Memorial. 7 pm.

4/19 "Underground."

4/26 "Bolshe Vita."

Asian Poetry Reading

4/26 Carl Ernst, religious studies, reads translations of Rumi & Persian Sufi poetry. 011 Graham Memorial. 4 pm.

Lab! Theatre

* "Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches." Arrive at least 15 minutes before curtain time to ensure seating. Kenan Theatre, Ctr for Dramatic Art. 4/14-17, 8:15 pm; 4/17, 4 pm; 4/18, 5 pm. (adult language & content)

StreetSigns Center

* "The Seagull." Call 960-4299. Morehead Lounge, Graham Memorial. Through 4/30. $

PlayMakers Repertory Company

* "Hay Fever." Call 2-7529, Paul Green. Tue-Sun. $ Through 5/7.

Music Department

Call 2-1039 or 2-2224.

4/13 UNC Percussion Ensemble. 107 Hill. 8 pm.

4/18-19 Mozart's "The Magic Flute." UNC Opera Workshop. Hill. 8 pm.

4/25 UNC Wind Ensemble, UNC Concert Band, Thomas Warburton, piano; Joseph Schwantner, guest composer. Hill. 8 pm.

Carolina Union Films

Call 2-1449 for privilege card; 2-2285 for info. Aud, Student Union.

4/14 "Life is Beautiful," 7:30 pm. "Jacob the Liar,"

10 pm.

4/15 "Jacob the Liar," 7:30 pm. "Life is Beautiful,"

10 pm.

Morehead Planetarium

Call 549-6863 for show times or 2-1236, Closed Mon pm. $


* "Once Upon a Universe."

* "Search for the Edge of the Universe."

* "Through the Eyes of Hubble."

* "Earth, Moon and Sun."

* "Sky Rambles." The current night sky.

* "Winnie the Pooh and the Golden Rocket."



Ackland Art Museum

Wed-Sat, 10 am-5 pm; Sun, 1-5 pm. Call 406-9837 (tape), 6-5736 (voice), 2-0837 (TDD);,

* "From the Molecular to the Galactic: Scientific Imagery in the Art of Max Ernst & Alfonso Ossorio." Through 5/21.

* "New Currents in Contemporary Art: Master of Fine Arts." 4/16-5/21. Reception 4/16, 3-5 pm.

Allcott Gallery

Hanes Art. Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm. Call 2-2015,

* Undergraduate Honors Show. Through 4/14.

* Sharpe/Kachergis Undergraduate Awards Show. 4/15-28.

Frank Porter Graham Student Union

9 am -8 pm daily. Call 6-6586.

* "Breaking Silence." Interactive art exhibit examining the plight of sexual assault survivors. Carolina Union Gallery. Through 4/16.

* Drawings by Nelly Toll, a child hidden during the Holocaust. 2nd fl lounge. Through 4/17.

North Carolina Botanical Garden

Totten Center: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm; Sat, 9 am-6 pm; Sun, 1-6 pm. Call 2-0522 for uninterrupted viewing.

* "Plants, Cloth, Thread & Imagination."

Quilted botanical images. Through 4/30.

Wilson Library

Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm; Sat, 9 am-1 pm. Call 2-0114.

First (Ground) Floor

* The First State University.

* Changing Views.

* Examples of Early Photography.

Second (Main) Floor

* "Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat:" North Carolina in the Great Depression.

Through 4/20.

* History of the North Carolina Collection.

* "As Close to Magic as I've Ever Been:" Thomas Wolfe at UNC.

* Recent Acquisitions of the North Carolina Collection.

* Bayard Wootten: Images of the South, 1930s.

Third Floor

* Celebrating Five Million: The William Butler Yeats Collection.

Fourth Floor

* Wax to D.A.T.: A History of Sound Recording.




Neuroscience/biology "Developmental Refinement of Axonal and Dendritic Structure: Regulation by Neuronal Activity." Rachel Wong, Washington U. Plaza Conf Rm, Lineberger. 12:30 pm.

Public Health "Treatment Outcomes and Costs of Dental Sealants Among Children Enrolled in Medicaid." Sally Stearns & Gary Rozier 1101F McGavran-Greenberg. 12:30 pm.

Education "UNC's Environmental Resource Program Responds to Needs of Youth Flooded from Their Homes in Eastern North Carolina." Frances Lynn & Melva Fager Okun, Environmental Resource Program. 202 Peabody. 4 pm.

Microbiology & Immunology "Herpesvirus Recombinants as Vaccines and AIDS Vaccine Vectors: Persistent Infection and Durable Immunity." David Knipe, Harvard. 00-002 Lineberger. 3:30 pm.


Injury Prevention Research Ctr "Current Research in Occupational Safety and Health." Nancy Stout, NIOSH. 1301 McGavran-Greenberg. 12:30 pm.

International Studies "The New Regionalism: Citizens, Residents, and Migrants in Asian Global-Cities." Aihwa Ong, Berkeley. Rm 103, 223 East Franklin St. 12:30 pm.

Public Health "Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Affects Soil Methane Consumption in a Loblolly Pine Forest." Rebecca Phillips, environmental sciences & engineering. 2301 McGavran-Greenberg. 2:30 pm.

Physics & Astronomy "Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: 15 Years of Discovery." Greg Bothun, U Oregon. 215 Phillips. 4 pm.


Blacks in the Diaspora "ReGendering a Nation: The Case of the Nation of Islam." Ula Y. Taylor, UC-Berkeley. BCC. Noon.

Mathematics/Alfred T. Brauer Lecture "On Laguerre Polynomials, Bessel Functions, Hankel Transform and a Series in the Unitary Dual of the Simply-Connected Covering Group of S1(2,R)." Bertram Kostant, MIT. 215 Phillips. 3:30 pm.

Asian/International Studies "The Asian Economic Crisis and Its Political and Social Impact on Thailand." Paul Wedel, Kenan Institute Asia. 569 Hamilton. 4 pm.

Germanic Languages "Honor, Love and Sex: A Social Ideal of the Medieval Aristocracy." C. Stephen Jaeger, Princeton. Toy Lounge, Dey. 4 pm.

Injury Prevention Research Ctr "Challenges in Domestic Violence: Where Do We Go from Here?" Anne Menard, HHS Office of Women's Health. 133 Rosenau. 6 pm.


Social & Community Psychiatry "The Surgeon General's Report." Jack Haggerty. 3rd fl Conf Rm, Neurosciences. 1 pm.

Mathematics/Alfred T. Brauer Lecture "On Laguerre Polynomials, Bessel Functions, Hankel Transform and a Series in the Unitary Dual of the Simply-Connected Covering Group of S1(2,R)." Bertram Kostant, MIT. 332 Phillips. 4 pm.

Susan Steinfirst Memorial Lecture "From Paper Airplanes to Outer Space: Science Books Are The Real Thing." Seymour Simon, children's science writer. Faculty Lounge, Morehead Bldg. 8 pm.


Biophysics "Structure and Action of Molecular Motors." Ron Milligan, Scripps Research Institute. 00-002 Lineberger. Noon.

Cell Biology & Anatomy "Structure and Action of Molecular Motors." Ronald D. Milligan, Scripps Research Institute. 00-002 Lineberger. Noon.

Program on Aging "Chemical Dependency in Elderly People." Eunah Kang, medicine. 238 MacNider. Noon.

Cognitive Science "Bounded Rationality: The Adaptive Toolbox." Gerd Gigerenzer, Max Planck Institute. 112 Davie. 3:30 pm.

Marine Sciences "Hurricanes, High School Students and Population Dynamics of the Blue Crab in North Carolina." David Eggleston, NCSU. 12-1 Venable. 3:30 pm.

Nursing "Unraveling the Complexities of Leadership." Rhetaugh Dumas, U Michigan. 09 Carrington. 3 pm.

Mathematics/Alfred T. Brauer Lecture "A Cubic Dirac Operator and a Generalization of the Bott-Borel-Weil Theorem." Bertram Kostant, MIT. 332 Phillips. 4 pm.


Neuroscience/biology "Role of Microglia/ Macrophages during Demyelination and Remyelination." G. Matsushima. Plaza Conf Rm, Lineberger. 12:30 pm.

Microbiology & Immunology "Hepatocelluar Carcinoma and Steatosis in Hepatitis C Transgenic Mice." Stanley Lemon, U Texas-Galveston. 00-002 Lineberger. 3:30 pm.


Cell & Molecular Physiology "Molecular Machinery Controlling the Formation and Function of Nerve Terminals." Lian Li, pharmacology. 321 MacNider. Noon.


Program on Aging "Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease." James D. Beck, dental ecology. 238 MacNider. Noon.

Marine Sciences "Geological Significance of Marine Humic Compounds as Related to Carbonate Mud Mounds or Lithoherms." Fritz Neuweiler, U. Goettingen & U. Liege. 12-1 Venable. 3:30 pm.



115 Women's Gym. Call 2-2348, Gym/Pool privilege card required unless noted by *


Call 2-1153,

H.E.E.L.S. Fitness Center

Mon-Fri Noon-2 pm; 4-7 pm.

Bowman Gray Indoor Pool

Mon-Fri 6:15-7:30 am.

Mon, Wed 12:15-2 pm; 4:30-9:30 pm.

Tue, Thu 12:15-2 pm; 3:30-9:30 pm.

Fri 12:15-5:45 pm.

Sat, Sun 1:15-4:45 pm.

Fetzer/Woollen Gym

Mon-Thu 6 am-10 pm.

Fri 6 am-9 pm.

Sat 10 am-5 pm.

Sun 1-8 pm.

Student Recreation Ctr

Mon-Thu 6 am-midnight.

Fri 6 am-9 pm.

Sat 10 am-8 pm.

Sun 1-10 pm.

Fitness/Aerobic Classes

Call 2-4772 for SRC classes.

Lunch time, 12:10-12:50 pm, SRC

Mon, Wed Low Impact Studio A

Tue, Thu Body Sculpting Studio B

Fri Step Studio A

Evening, 5:15-6:15 pm, 112 Women's Gym except as noted.

Mon Yoga.

Mon, Wed Water aerobics til 6 pm Bowman Gray pool.

Tue Step & Tone.

Thu Low Impact & Tone.

4/13 Water Aerobics. Bowman Gray Pool.

Ongoing Opportunities*

* Wednesday Wellness Program.

* Individual fitness assessment.

* Personal training.

* FitPlus incentive program.

* Resource Center.



Pharmacoepidemiology Day 2000

4/13 Discussion of education & careers. 1-4:30 pm.

University-wide Awards Ceremony

4/13 Chancellor McCoy. Great Hall, Student Union. 3-5 pm.

Law Lunch

4/14 "Sexual Assault in the 19th Century." Peter Bardaglio, Goucher College. Call 2-4121, Faculty Lounge, Van Hecke-Wettach. Noon.

Adventures in Ideas

4/14-15 "Berlin, A City Reborn." Call 2-1544, Friday Ctr. $

Project UNC

4/15 Day-long public service projects., Polk Place. 8:30 am.

"Carolina Currency"

4/15 "A Day with North Carolina Money." Speakers, tours, appraisals of any currency. Call 2-1172. Wilson Library. 9:30 am-1 pm.

"Digital Divide" Conference

4/15 "Bridging the Triangle's Digital/Human Divide: What's Working; What Must Be Done.", Friday Ctr. $

SEANC District 19

4/18 OWASA, Carrboro. 5:30 pm.

Ackland Gallery Talk

4/26 Master of Fine Arts candidates. 12:15 pm.

Master Plan Update

4/26 For faculty. Call 2-9245. Master Plan Design Studio, Morehead Bldg. 3-4:30 pm.

Carolina Union Activities Board

Call 2-1157,

4/13 Reading of names of Holocaust victims. Until noon.

4/19 Entertainment by Corey Sipper. Pit. 5:30 pm.

4/24 Music & dancing. Pit. 5:30 pm.

Black Cultural Center

Call 2-9001,,

Events at BCC, Student Union.

4/14 Discussion on interracial dating. Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority. 5 pm.

4/15 "Ring Shout" Young poet's conference.All Day.

4/15 Poetry reading with UrSuLa RuCkEr, local poets & open mic. 8:30 pm.$

4/19 Video "Not in Our Town" & discussion

of hate crimes here against native Americans & Jews. Noon.

4/21 Discussion of portrayal of black & white females in media. Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority. Noon.

4/25 "Black Women & Self Esteem." Perrianne Davis, counseling/psychological services. 5 pm.

4/26 "The Concept and Consequences of Race: Cross-National and Cross-Disciplinary Perspective." 223 E. Franklin St. 3-5 pm.

4/26 Discussion of women's roles in the millennium. Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority. 5 pm.

Bull's Head Bookshop

Call 2-5060,

4/14 Robert Alden Rubin discusses his "On the Beaten Path: An Appalachian Pilgrimage." 3 pm.

4/20 David Berlinski discusses his "The Advent of the Algorithm: The Idea That Rules the World." 3:30 pm.

Blood Drives

Call 800-290-6168, ext. 382. blood/alldrives/index.htm p> 4/17 Beard. 10 am-2:30 pm.

4/24 Hinton James. 3-7:30 pm.

General Alumni Association

Call 2-7054,, Alumni Ctr. $

4/20 "History of Sports at Carolina - Women's Athletics." 2 more mtgs.

4/17 "Healthy Living Series." 3 more mtgs.

4/19 "The Fundamentals of Finance." 2 more mtgs.

Look Good ... Feel Better For women with cancer-treatment side effects. Call Anne Washburn, 6-3097. G22 Gravely, UNC Hosp. 3rd Mon, 10 am.

Prostate Cancer Support Group Call Gail Grigson, 6-6686. Chapel Hill Sr. Ctr. 1st Wed, 4 pm.

Bone Marrow Transplant Support Group Call Deborah Whitehair, 6-2031. 5th fl, Anderson Pavilion classroom, UNC Hosp. Every Wed, 3 pm.

Gynecological Cancer Support Group Call Anne Washburn, 6-3097. Cornucopia House, 1777 N. Fordham Blvd. 4th Wed, 7 pm.

Living With Lung Cancer Call Anne Mader, 967-8842. Cornucopia House, 1777 N. Fordham Blvd. 2nd & 4th Mon, 11 am.

Metastatic Cancer Support Group Call Anne Washburn, 6-3097. Cornucopia House, 1777 N. Fordham Blvd. 2nd & 4th Fri, 1 pm.



Educational Technology Group

For medical school personnel. Call 6-3519,, Registration required. 305 Berryhill. Noon-1 pm.

Health/Safety Training

Call 2-5719,,

4/17 Support Services & IMAC Environments Orientation. Conf. Rm A , Giles Horney. 9 am-noon.

4/18 Lab Environment Orientation. 106 Berryhill. 2-4:30 pm.

4/18 Office Environment Orientation. 136 Tate-Turner-Kuralt. 2-4 pm.

Health Sciences Library

Register at 2-0700 or

For info, e-mail or see

4/13 ProCite. MAAC Lab. 9-11 am.

4/19 Micromedex. MAAC Lab. 9-11. am.

4/19 Using Adobe Acrobat. Media Kitchen. 2-4 pm.

4/20 Reference Manager. MAAC Lab. 9-11 am.

4/21 Intro to Authorware. Media Kitchen.

9-11 am.

IRSS Short Courses, Classes in 15 Manning.



Show UNC ONE card for free admission to all non-tournament events, except football & men's basketball. Call 2-2296,

Baseball, Boshamer Stadium

4/14 Maryland 7 pm.

4/15 Maryland 7 pm.

4/16 Maryland 1:30 pm.

4/19 UNC-Charlotte 7 pm.

Lacrosse (men) Fetzer Field

4/15 UMBC 2 pm.

Lacrosse (women) Fetzer Field

4/16 Ohio State 1 pm.

Softball, Finley Field

4/14 Maryland 3 pm.

4/22 Georgia Tech 4 pm.

4/23 Georgia Tech 2:30 pm.

Tennis (women), Cone-Kenfield Ctr

4/13 Wake Forest 5 pm.

Track & Field, Fetzer Field

4/15 U. Conn, UNC-Wilmington, Georgetown All Day.